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Delicious Pet Treats That Are Nutritious and Tasty

The wide variety of pet foods and treats available at Graham Feed Company are manufactured with utmost care and safety. We're a Safe Feed / Safe
Food-certified feed manufacturing facility. We believe it's our duty to satisfy the tastes of the wild and keep your pets in the pink of health.

With over 50 years of business experience, our professionals go beyond existing regulations to provide your pet with nutritious diet through these quality pet treats. Excellence in feed production is "our responsibility, our promise."

Earthborn Holistics

  • Primitive Natural
  • Great Plains Feast
  • Coastal Catch
  • Meadow Feast
  • Large Breed
  • Weight Control
  • Small Breed Adult
  • Puppy Vantage
  • Feline Vantage
  • Primitive Feline
  • Wild Sea Catch Feline

Diamond Naturals

  • Lamb and Rice Adult Dog
  • Chicken and Rice Adult Dog
  • Beef and Rice Adult Dog
  • Lite Lamb and Rice Dog
  • Large Breed Puppy
  • Extreme Athlete
  • Large Breed Lamb and Rice Adult
  • Large Breed Chicken and Rice Adult
  • Small Breed Adult Chicken and Rice
  • Small Breed Adult Lamb and Rice
  • Small Breed Puppy


  • Maintenance Dog
  • Premium Adult Dog
  • Puppy
  • High Energy Dog
  • Original Dog
  • Performance Dog
  • Maintenance Cat
  • Country Value Dog
  • Country Value Cat


  • Bite Size Dog
  • Hi Protein Dog
  • Maintenance Dog
  • Energy Plus Dog
  • Hi Energy Mini Dog
  • Puppy
  • Original Recipe Cat
  • Gourmet Cat


  • Chicken Meal and Rice Dog
  • Lamb Meal and Rice Dog
  • Fish Meal and Rice Dog
  • Large Breed Dog

Pro Pac Ultimates

  • Chicken and Brown Rice
  • Lamb and Brown Rice
  • Large Breed Adult

Pro Pac

  • Mini Chunk Dog
  • Chunk Dog
  • Perf. Puppy


  • Woof'em Down
  • Bacon Jerky Strips
  • Sausage Bites
  • Chick N Sticks
  • Chick "N" Strips
  • Nut "R" Nipz
  • Tidbits Chick and Liver
  • Tidbits Tuna
  • Tidbits Salmon


  • Large Golden
  • Medium Golden
  • Medium Variety
  • Gourmet Peanut
  • Hickory Basted
  • Lite - Lamb and Rice
  • Charcoal Medium
  • Cheese
  • Puppy Golden
  • Puppy Variety
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