GF Sheep and Goat Feed

Premium Feeds for Sheep and Goat

Graham Feed Company manufactures a variety of quality feeds for your sheep and goats. These products are made keeping in mind the specific nutritional requirements of the animals. Visit our store at 200 Voorhees Street.

Our first-rate feeds help in fitting out your show stock and in milk production. They ensure your animals perform at their peaks. Our range of rations include textured feeds, fortified pellets and medicated products.

Sheep and Goat Feed

  • PC Textured Ewe 12%
  • PC 16% Lamb Pellet - med
  • PC Lamb Starter 20% m.p.
  • PC Lamb Supplement 42%
  • PC Show Lamb -Tex - med
  • 33% Goat Supplement
  • 16% Textured Goat
  • GF Boer Goat 16% MP med R20
Call 812-235-4444
or visit
200 Voorhees Street.
We're a Safe Feed / Safe
Food-certified facility.
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