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Superior Horse Feeds

Progressive Nutrition® offers customized feeding solutions for horses. From complete horse feeds and supplements to diet balancers and nutrients, we have every product that your horse will need to look, feel and perform its best.

We're a company dedicated to research in the field of horse nutrition supplements. Give us a call at 812-235-4444 or visit 200 Voorhees Street today!

Diet Balancers and Envision

  • ProAdvantage Adult Supplement Diet Balancer
  • ProAdvantage Grass Supplement Diet Balancer
  • ProAdvantage Alfalfa Supplement Diet Balancer
  • Envision Classic Fortified Fat Supplement

Complete Horse Feeds

  • Premium Lo-Carb Pellet
  • Premium Performance 8 Pellet
  • Premium Senior Formula Pellet
  • Premium Growth Formula Pellet
  • ProElite HF


  • ProAdd Ultimate
  • Progressive Alfalfa Mineral
  • Progressive Grass Mineral
  • Motion Source
  • Soothing Pink Xtra Strength Pellets
  • Kool Blue Ultra Pellets
  • Top-Line Advanced Support
  • Top-Line Xtreme
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Foal Supplements

  • Rejuvinaide Plus Liquid
  • Foals First Milk Replacer Powder
  • Foals First Starter and Creep Pellet

Ideal Horse Feed From Nutrena

We also stock Nutrena horse feed. These products are formulated to provide your horse with the perfect balance of nutrition.
  • Proforce Fuel
  • Triumph Professional
  • Empower Balance
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200 Voorhees Street.
We offer the largest collection of garden seeds in the Wabash Valley.
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