Tribute Equine

Top-Grade Feed From Tribute Equine

At Graham Feed Company, it's not just about maintaining the quality of our products. Along with that, we ensure that there remains a consistency in delivering the projected quality of nutrition products.

Tribute Horse Feeds manufacturing facility is a single ionophore-free unit where they minutely inspect all ingredients and finished goods before they reach you. 

Floor Stocked Tribute Products

We offer a range of floor stocked Tribute products. Consult our experts for any issues you face with feeding your horses. We're just a call away.
  • Essential K-Diet Balancer
  • Kalm Ultra
  • Kalm ‘N EZ Pellet
  • Kalm ‘N Fit
  • Seniority Textured
  • Seniority Pelleted
  • Equal Balance Forage
Call 812-235-4444
or visit
200 Voorhees Street.
We have over 50 years of experience.

Unmatched Horse Nutrition Products

 Call 812-235-4444 or visit our store at 200 Voorhees Street.

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